Newtown High School Athletic Department

Parent-Coach Communication Protocol



The following guidelines have been put in place to clarify the expectations for communication between coach, parent and student-athlete.

The Newtown High School Athletic Department strongly believes that self-advocacy is a large part of the maturation process and encourages our student-athletes to advocate for themselves when working with their coaching staff.

This chain of command allows a coach to work first with a student-athlete to resolve any issues or differences of opinion.

➢ Student Athlete discusses situation with coach at a time and place agreeable by both parties. (This should not happen before, during or after a contest as this is a time with heightened emotions.)

➢ Parent discusses situation with coach and student-athlete.

➢ Student-athlete, parent and coach discuss situation with Athletic Director.


Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches or Athletic Director:

 1. Playing time.

 2. Team strategy.

3. Play calling.

4. Other student-athletes