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Unified Sports® is an inclusive sports program that combines approximately equal number of Special Olympics Athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and Unified Partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) on teams for training and competition.  They share one language:  SPORT.


Being a Partner or Athlete is an additional means of carrying out and fulfilling the mission of Special Olympics.  Teams are constructed in such a way as to provide training and competition opportunities that meaningfully challenge and involve all.  These opportunities often lead to improved sports skills, higher self-esteem, and equal status among peers and new friendships. 



  1. I promise to be safe:
    1. NHS’s Unified Sports team will work on a “buddy system,” where we will always work in pairs.  Partners will be paired with Athletes for practice, competition and travel.  To encourage friendships, Partners may not always be paired with the same Athlete. 
    2. The team will stay together and not wander off on their own during a practice or tournament.  If you have an emergency where you need to use the restroom or make/take a telephone call, you will ALWAYS notify one of the coaches, and you will go with a buddy.
    3. Partners may be asked to accompany an Athlete to the restroom.
    4. You are encouraged to bring a water bottle for practice and tournaments. 
    5. Partners and Athletes will always follow the rules of the game.
    6. Parents of Partners and Athletes are to insure that all appropriate school paperwork has been read, signed and returned prior to the first practice.
  2. I promise to be committed:
    1. All Partners and Athletes are asked to attend at least 80% of practices and tournaments during season
    2. Partners and Athletes will dress appropriately.  For practices, athletic shorts, sweat pants, sneakers and a t-shirt.  For all tournaments, dark athletic shorts (preferably blue), sneakers and the t-shirt or jersey that is issued as our uniform.  (If we wear a jersey, you may wear a plain white t-shirt underneath.)  Partners and Athletes understand that it is their responsibility to remember to bring their clean uniform to school the day of a tournament and return a clean uniform at the conclusion of the athletic season.
  3. I promise to be respectful of the rules of Special Olympics Unified Sports:
    1. Partners and Athletes will listen and follow all directions from their coaches and Special Olympics officials.
    2. Newtown High Schools participates in Special Olympics Unified Sports at a level where Partners work to set up the success of the Athletes.
    3. Please be respectful of ALL Athletes and Partners on the court or field, including our opponents.  If you see an opposing Athlete who has tried to get a basketball or a goal, but has not been successful, feel free to pass the ball to them and encourage them to try once more.
  4. I promise to be a good communicator:
    1. NHS Unified Sports communicates by email.  Partners, Athletes and their Parents need to provide an email address to be added to the Unified Sports Listserve (maintained by our volunteer student-coach).  Sometimes practices or tournaments need to be canceled at the last-minute, and word is sent out by email.  It is imperative to always check for messages from Unified Sports.








  1. I promise to be a good friend:
    1. Thank you for your participation with Unified Sports!  You are a wonderful individual to give your time in this way!
    2. Athletes and Partners get to know your teammates that you are working with by observing their strengths and be encouraging.  Ask about their likes. 
    3. Partners and Athletes are encouraged to develop relationships outside of Unified Sports.  If you see a teammate in the hallway at school, be sure to say hello or introduce them to one of your friends. 


Thank you again for your commitment to NHS Unified Sports!  Please sign page three of this agreement, and should you have any questions, please contact:


Coach Kathleen Davey                                                     Coach Margaret O’Callaghan


(203)426-7646 extension 6603                                             (203)426-7690


Student coach: Silas Decker


















I verify that I have read and understand the NHS Unified Sports Partner Agreement.






Partner/Athlete Name (please print)     ___________________________________________________________      

Partner/Athlete Signature     ____________________________________________________________________

Partner’s/Athlete Cell #, if any     ___________________________________________________________

Parent Name (please print) ______________________________________     

Parent Signature  ________________________________________________

Home Telephone # _____________________________              Work # _____________________________________

Parent’s Cell # __________________________________________     

Email address for listserve (list more than one if applicable)  ______________________________________

____________________________________________            _____________________________________________

What is the best way to reach you on short notice?  Home phone ___ Work Phone ___ Cell Phone ____


Date    ___________________________________